BurningAngel.com Founder JOANNA ANGEL To Attend SHOCK STOCK, Canada’s Brand New Horror Film Convention

April 13, 2012

Makes First Trip To Canada This Weekend

Punk rock princess and founder of the BurningAngel (www.burningangel.com) empire, Joanna Angel will be in Canada for Shock Stock, Canada’s newest Horror Film Convention.

Meet Ms. Angel from Friday, April 13th through Sunday, April 15th at Centennial Hall, located at 550 Wellington Street in London, Ontario. For more information, go to www.shock_stock.com.

“I am excited to be with tons of amazing horror movie fans and stars in Canada,” says Angel. “I will have my own booth and meeting-and-greeting my Canadian fans all weekend.”

The timing could have have been more perfect to have coincided with the release of Joanna Angel’s latest parody feature entitled F%^kenstein. Ms. Angel and Dr. Frankenstein were having their nightly romp, when suddenly the Doctor did something that had never been done before! This “act” inspired the scientist to create a monster whose sole purpose on this earth was to doubly penetrate his wife. Of course, things got a little out of hand when his ego took hold of him and his monster creation (with a monster unit to match) got out of control. F%^kenstein is a XXX-rated homage to everyone’s favorite classic horror flick.

To watch the softcore trailer for F%^kenstein, go to www.burningangel.tumblr.com/post/19790989625/fuckenstein-is-the-newest-burningangel-horror-porn.

For more Joanna Angel, go to www.BurningAngel.com, www.JoannaAngel.com or follow her on Twitter @JoannaAngel.

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