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Celebrate Valentine’s Day Weekend in Huntsville, Alabama with a Little T&A: Adam & Eve Contract Superstars ALEXIS TEXAS and TEAGAN PRESLEY





After ten days of rest, Adam & Eve contract stars Alexis Texas and Teagan Presley are packing their bags and heading East once again, but this time returning to a club they did the grand opening for a little over a year ago, Wild Cherry Cabaret in Huntsville, Alabama. Widely regarded as one of the best feature clubs in the United States, T&A look to spice up this Valentine’s Weekend with a Huntsville stop of their Big Ass Tour 2013. Wild Cherry is actually the first stop in 2013 for the Big Ass Tour, so you know these mega stars are gonna bring it!

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Commentary On Porn And Politics


Flagler, FL — Recently in the news there’s been more clamor about friends who I haven’t heard from in quite a while. Scott Janke, the politician who married a pornstar ( is evidently up for another Town Manager position.

I received a press release (“Porn Star And Politician – Again” at from Klub Kelli which got me thinking. Scott Janke deserves a good job, and finally he’s being seriously considered for one, but Jazella Moore deserves credit too!

In the press release I read that Scott and Jazella’s marriage may be in trouble. The press release talked about Scott and his “estranged wife.” It’s so sad to see the whole ordeal have such an effect on a nice couple to the point that they would have to separate!

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SCHEVELLE's G-String Chronicles: Getting New Sensations In Alabama

We left the Myrtle Beach early Sunday morning to drive towards Birmingham, Alabama and get there a couple of days early to just chill out and catch up on a little bit of work. Since finding out about “Name your own price” on, I was confident we would save money and it would be relaxing after having so many weeklong bookings in a row. And it was a great deal, except for if you are unfamiliar with an area in which case you could end up in the ghetto, which is exactly what happened in Birmingham. It’s never good when the Holiday Inn Express looks like a citadel and police sirens are running constantly.

Everyone had the same reaction when we told them about the hotel. “Oh, you were in Birmingham? Like downtown?” Then they would make a facial expression similar to someone smelling sulfur. “Yeah, that’s bad. I’ve lived here my whole life and I would never go there.” Hence, the downside of “Name your own price.” However, the actual club that we performed in that week was in a nicer part of town more like a suburb towards the country.

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SCHEVELLE's G-String Chronicles: Mud And Diamonds In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

As the elite eight battled it out in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, we were on our way to Sensations in Myrtle Beach, but not for an easy week as you may think. Actually, I have no idea what you are thinking. I do know you are probably tired of hearing about my bookings. Well, as soon as I hit that lottery, I’ll shut up, until then…

We finished our gig at Blush in Pittsburgh, headed back to the hotel, packed (which took forever for some reason this time) and slept for about three hours then woke up, loaded the car, paid $120 for parking (jerks) and then drove for about eleven hours to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

This week the gig was Monday through Saturday so we had to book it. This is one of the major differences between feature dancers and porn stars (real porn stars, not porn girls). A porn star hardly ever does a week-long booking in a club, they couldn’t afford her, she is usually there for two or three days.

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SCHEVELLE's G-String Chronicles: Pittsburgh Spring And Following Obama To Breakfast

There we were back in Pittsburgh again. The Schevelle and Batman Strip Club Tour came full circle with the club Blush, this being the second time to the fine establishment. I have been going there for a couple of years so now I am learning things only locals know, like how they are all thinking about making a Mass Exitus to the south because they were snowed in the whole month of February, or that Pamela’s serves the best breakfast all day, even Obama thinks so. I always knew they were a big sports town, which was evident the first time they figured out I was from Texas. “Ah, you’re not a Cowboys fan, are you?” This came out more like a statement rather than a question. And I continued to learn while I was there, starting off with it was cold…still.

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SCHEVELLE’S G-String Chronicles: Its Poplar, Not Popular, In Missouri

This week was a booking at a Pony Club in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Since we work the weekends our actual “weekend” ends up being Sunday-Monday. Sunday or Monday (or both) end up being driving days and days to catch up on computer work. However, this Monday I needed to make a deposit and I learned that my “nationwide” bank has no branches within several states of where I was working. Thus, the adventure began.

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SCHEVELLE’s G-String Chronicles: East Cape Fear Gibralter

East Cape Girardeau, MO – I have to admit, when I tell people how much I travel I get two responses. One being, “That must suck.” And the other, “That must be so cool.” Honestly, they’re both true. While I love traveling because I learn so much and meet new people, I don’t have a lot of control over where I travel. People are under the impression that I am in locations like Milan and Paris every week, when in reality the destinations are unrecognizable to most.

Before I left for this gig, I saw my college roommate in New Orleans and she asks, “So where are you going this time?” And I said, “East Cape Girardeau, Illinois.”

Now my friend is very well traveled herself. She was in the Peace Corps and her parents are each doctors who took her abroad with their mission work as she grew up. “Ah, the Midwest, ” she blankly stared at me and said forcing a reassuring smile. “Never heard of it… have fun.”

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SCHEVELLE’S G-String Chronicles: The Name Means Already Seen, But This Déjà Vu Was A First

TAMPA, Florida — It was Friday at Déjà Vu Showgirls on an unseasonably cool night in Tampa, Florida. As usual, the Déjà Vu van was parked out front with its strobe lights flashing on the roof making it visible from miles away.

We pulled into the parking lot and were met by the infamous stripper bus as it sat with its plexiglass and pole inside shining (the bus is still prohibited from the streets). Despite all of the controversy and coverage by the national news surrounding the stripper bus, all the action was inside the club this Friday and Saturday because this weekend marked the first ever Screaming O Interactive Club Show.

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SCHEVELLE’s G-String Chronicles: Georgia Knows How to Make the Big O Face

Ever have that feeling that you get of perpetual insecurity when you are driving and it begins to get dark and the roads get smaller and more desolate and it ends up being just you and one other car, which remains behind you for miles? I always have that feeling when my GPS leads me to an event in a city or town I have never been to. One thing I have learned in my travels is that major places and events can have dirt roads leading to them. Last week Tony and I hosted a Screaming O event in Athens, Georgia with the Girls Gone Wild crew at Sexy Suz Adult Store’s one-year anniversary.

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