Penthouse Pet of the Year 2015 LAYLA SIN and Penthouse Pet of the Year 2015 Runner-up SKIN DIAMOND Host Titmouse Smashing Party In Hollywood



Penthouse magazine and Penthouse Pet of the Year Layla Sin, with Runner-Up Skin Diamond, came together at animation/gaming studio Titmouse Inc.’s Smashing Party, which was held on Saturday, May 2 in Hollywood, California. The event celebrated the release of Penthouse’s May 2015 Pet of the Year issue.

Sin and Diamond joined tastemakers from around Southern California at Titmouse Inc.’s Hollywood headquarters, as they helped host the studio’s 9th annual extravaganza. All three of the Penthouse Pets wore full body paint that was done by Titmouse Inc.’s animators, and perused around the private party, interacting with guests and taking photos on the red carpet.

Invited revelers were encouraged to bring unwanted ‘smashable’ items to destroy in the company’s parking lot.  Food and beverages were served, and the “smashing” went on well past midnight. Everyone who attended were welcome to bring any items that have either spent too much time inside their garage, or items that will be quite entertaining to see destroyed with the array of tools and protective gear on hand.

Titmouse Inc., revered for Cartoon Network/Adult Swim’s popular Metalocalypse and Motorcity animated television programs, is infamous for its Smashing Parties, where guests indulge in gleeful mayhem, wielding sledge hammers, axes and baseball bats as a form of lighthearted therapy while bands play, celebrities mingle and drinks flow freely.

Penthouse, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2015, was founded in England by Bob Guccione in 1965 and brought to the States in 1969, the first issue of American Penthouse sold out in a matter of days. England’s controversial magazine of beautiful women, intelligent journalism and intimate revelations had arrived.

The covers of PENTHOUSE Magazine include celebrities and beautiful, art-inspired photography which chronicle the libido of a changing nation and the pop culture which helped shape it.

Made famous worldwide for its fearless approach to sexuality and its unabashed support of those rebelling from the norm and defining their own identity, Penthouse stands as the greatest men’s brand in history.

Penthouse — “Enjoy the view.”

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